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Welcome to our Noticeboard. On here we will post useful information to keep our members and community well informed.

Mr. Elias Phiri.jpeg

November 1967 – January 2021

Honouring Mr. Elias Phiri, Founding President

On 27th January 2021, Elias Phiri, a much-loved Zambian and long-standing community health activist died from COVID-19 after spending almost four weeks in intensive care.


Elias was one of the leading advocates on HIV and TB awareness and lobbied to enable better care for African people living in the UK and Europe. He was instrumental in setting up and leading a number of diaspora community-led organisations.


He was one of the driving forces behind Zambians Together, and led as President from March 2020 until his passing. During his term, he successfully raised the profile to global and Zambian government recognition.


We continue to honour his activism efforts by working to build a stronger Zambian diaspora community.

“If we work together, we can make the change we want to see and move forward together, stronger” – Elias Phiri

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