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Formed in March 2020, Zambians Together UK was established in response to the Covid 19 pandemic. It brought together associations, organisations, NGO’s and Zambians across the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland under one umbrella, in response to the community’s needs.

These services spanned across pastoral care, financial and logistics support for funerals, and fundraising for medical supplies.

With the expansion of the network, Zambians Together UK services evolved to include the facilitation of critical information sharing and guidance across various sectors through collaborative Town Halls. These included immigration,
banking, investments in land, tourism, agriculture and expert led discussions on Covid vaccinations.


Our ambition is to better support the Zambian diaspora by focussing on what matters most. Through our people and partners, we are able to allocate resources and tap into opportunities that help create an overall vision, set goals and measurable activities for us to achieve our desired outcome.


Our fundamental values and ideals are at the core of our organisation and how we operate. These are the values we hold ourselves accountable to and offer guidance on how we work towards our mission.


We believe that there is strength in unity as affirmed by the spirit of Ubuntu, “I am because we are.” We thrive on our diversity and work to respect, value and include each other.


We aspire to work to the highest standards of personal honesty and ethical integrity.


We are committed to strengthening cultural links between Zambia and her diaspora, predicated on a rich heritage.


We are an apolitical and transparent organisation that strives for openness and accountability.


We work to a high standard, set high goals and are committed to holding ourselves accountable and continuing to learn and improve the quality of everything we do.


Zambians Together is a collaborative initiative working closely together with various Zambian Community Associations* and Networks across the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) and the Republic of Ireland. These include** but not limited to;

* If you would like your organization/association to partner with us, please get in touch with us

** City/Region indicates established Headquarters

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