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The Zambian Diaspora Policy 2019

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

The Diaspora Policy is an important tool that will facilitate the integration of the Zambian Diaspora (e.g. Zambians in the UK) in the development agenda of the Republic of Zambia by creating an enabling environment and platform for their effective participation in national development.

The overall objective of this Policy is to integrate the Zambian Diaspora in the development agenda of the country by creating an enabling environment and platform for effective participation of the Zambian Diaspora in national development and promote their rights, interests and welfare abroad.

The Policy will harness the Zambian Diaspora as a resource for development and maximize their contribution to national development.

Below are some of specific objectives of the Zambian Diaspora policy:

 Access to National Documents e.g. Passports, NRC cards, etc.

 Dual Citizenship

 Political participation

 Knowledge and Skills Transfer

 Improve access to land by the Zambian Diaspora

 Establish a comprehensive information online portal and Diaspora database.

 Etc.

Below is the full Zambian Diaspora Policy version April 2019. You are encouraged to download a copy and read it.

The Zambian Diaspora Policy Document - A
Download • 995KB

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