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Zambians Together

Welcome to

Zambians Together

Uniting to build a stronger community


We foster community development, social cohesion and improve the welfare of Zambian communities in Zambia and its diaspora.

We facilitate the sharing of knowledge and skills in Zambian communities in Zambia and its diaspora.


We work to unite and build a stronger Zambian diaspora community in  the UK and Republic of Ireland.

We consider our mission statement "a commitment to our community, underscored by local actions with a global reach.”


Our core vision is rooted in the UK Zambian diaspora working together to support our communities by contributing our skills and sharing of resources to further the development of Zambia.

Together with our partners, we work towards creating a connected and supportive Zambian diaspora community, with strong links to Zambia.

Message from the Zambia High Commission UK


Dear Colleagues,

Many in our community have expressed their willingness to help, support and contribute towards those in need of help during this unprecedented time. The Zambia High Commission UK recognises and endorses initiatives such as ZambiansTogether, that deliver a concerted and coordinated effort to support those in need.

We encourage those who are willing to help, to join Zambians Together in making an impact on the wider community in the spirit of One Zambia, One Nation and in supporting those amongst us in need.

Please note that this is a ZambiansTogether initiative and as such is managed and effected by this organisation.


Lieutenant General (Rtd.) Paul Mihova

High Commissioner
The High Commission of The Republic of Zambia, UK

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