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We are here to help. 


In conjunction with the Zambian High Commission, we have mobilised our network of UK Zambians and community leaders to offer support through the health crisis. 

If you or someone you know has been affected by COVID-19 please get in touch with your requirements. 

Zambians Together

Anyone is welcome to request for help from our available resources and cause. Please fill the form below and let us know if you require any help.

Available Support

Funeral Support

We are on hand to offer guidance and support through this difficult time. In the first instance please ensure you are following government guidelines for managing a funeral during the Coronavirus pandemic. If you require financial aid please fill out this form, if you require one of our volunteers to support you through the process of making funeral arrangements please fill out this form. Our team will be in contact with you within 48hrs

Pastoral Care

We understand that during these unprecedented times you might feel stressed, anxious, helpless or alone. We have community leaders and volunteers available to discuss your concerns over the phone or via a virtual facetime. Please fill out this form to schedule an appointment.

Food Pack Assistance

It is of high importance that we shield and protect the most vulnerable within our community. If you are unable to access food or conduct your usual grocery shopping  as a result of COVID-19 we can help to safely ensure the delivery of food packs for all eligible candidates.

Protective Equipment

If you have found yourself in a situation that requires protective equipment with no access to the required resources whether that’s through work or living  with an infected person please fill out this form.

Food Shopping 

Prescription Collection

If you are on a 14 day quarantine and need help with the collection of your prescription or food shopping we can match you with a local volunteer to ensure the safe collection and delivery of your requirements. Please contact us here.

Request Help

Please give us more information what you would like support on:

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